Here are some tips to help your open your pool in the spring!

1- If you have not signed up to be one of our March Service Customers then here are some ways you can help your pool open clear in the spring. By adding some algaecide and liquid Chlorine this will help kill off any existing algae or help to prevent any from forming. you would add these two chemicals in mid march before the pool is opened for the season.

2- Open early! It will be more beneficial for your pool to open early to mid April. This will help to prevent algae growth under the cover. This will also help to get all your chemistry corrected before the heat and sun comes into play. If you have your chemistry corrected before the sun and heat comes it makes it easier to maintain when it gets hot out.

3- When the pool is opened it is always a good thing to add some Chlorine Shock and Algaecide even if no algae isn't present. This will eliminate any bacteria that may have  become present over the winter. This will help make for a healthy start up.

These are very basic tips to help you with your opening. For more pool tips please call our office!

Spring Opening Tips!

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