Oxford: (610)-869-7870

Kennett: (484)-732-8848

E-Mail: oasisps@aol.com

​​About The Business!!

Oasis Pool Service is a family owned business that was established in southern Chester County Area in 1994. We pride ourselves on being able to provide honest and reliable service of the highest quality.

Our customers have the peace of mind knowing that either in service or the store they are dealing with nothing less then professionalism. We make every effort to send our men to as many available training seminars as possible. We strive to be the best of the best with the latest training and knowledge of the industry. Our key focus is to do the job right the first time! Communication is key in our company. we make it a point to have all of our customers updated, not only on the status of their pool but also the updated technology to make the swimming season a breeze.

We believe in the appreciation our customers when we keep them informed of certain products and chemical lines that may fit their pools needs in the perfect way. All of our recommendations are made upon experience from our staff. The same products we carry in our stores are the same products our technicians use while on the road.

We are a small business with big standards and we believe in making every effort to keep our customers swimming pool experience a pristine one!